Instant ( Moneygram)
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The MoneyGram service allows both Capital Bank customers and non-Capital Bank customers to send and receive money through 75 thousand agents throughout 175 countries across the globe within 10 minutes by simply filling a request form. The service's benefits include:

  • Fast, easy and secure transfer of money within 10 minutes
  • Extremely secure as money cannot be received except through a secret number for each transfer
  • No need to pay additional costs upon the receipt of the transfer
  • The possibility of receiving money in US Dollars or in Jordanian Dinars upon sender instructions
  • No need to open an account with Capital Bank in order to send or receive money through the MoneyGram service

For more information, please e-mail us at:,

or contact us on 080022011, or +962-6-5100200 ext. 340, 526, 527.